Thursday, 26 February 2015


For him, mounted with 26 round brilliant diamonds 0.083 carat in 18k gold, white, rose, yellow, champagne or black gloss. For her, mounted with 22 round brilliant diamonds 0.064 carat in 18k gold, white, rose, yellow, champagne or black gloss.
 (WB0009A-RGSM-B and WB0009B-RGSM26D-B)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Unconditional Love

We have a story to share.

eClarity received an unexpected and inspirational story from a young man.

A hopeful marine engineer and a courageous young man he is. But after a serious road accident, everything vanished within a split second.

In a disheartened moment of his life, he met Ally, the love of his life. “She is my Angel”, He told us. Ally’s unconditional love and support turned his despair into determination. He took up competitive running, and he is now a recognized national disabled athlete.

During our meeting with the brace athlete at eClarity, he wept as he told us his love and his difficulty. He and his girlfriend Ally tied the knot last year. He was regretful that he didn’t propose to Ally with a diamond ring, due to his financial situation, which was burdened by medical expenses.

Looking at their photos took our breath away. We gazed into the beautiful couple’s love story. We wanted to do what we could for this couple.

My career in diamond has never been more meaningful and memorable.

Sponsored by eClarity, Diamond Ring for his proposal to Ally – 18k white gold, GIA report, F colour, VS clarity, Excellent polish.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Perfect gift for the little bundles of joy - Baby Spoon.

eClarity presents a perfect gift for the little bundles of joy – Baby spoons - crafted in silver and rose gold plated silver, names engraved.

Baby Silver Spoon - $398
Rose Gold Plated Silver Spoon - $698

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Define Sophistication - eClarity Dangling Diamonds Earrings

Diamond earrings scintillating with 26 round brilliant diamonds 0.72 carat and 2 Pear brilliant diamonds 0.32 carat in 18k gold, white. (E00420)

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Embrace the tradition – Yellow gold bracelet

Diamond bracelet scintillating with 30 round brilliant diamonds 0.19 carat in 18k gold, yellow. (BL00147-2)

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Roy and Stacy!

Back in January 2010, Roy and Stacy first visited eClarity to customise a pair of wedding bands. 3 years later, we are blessed to meet Roy and Stacy again for their anniversary gift shopping. They are now happy parents of their beautiful baby girl, Amber. Baby Amber brought so much joy to eClarity as she merrily blew kisses to each and every one of us!

Wedding Bands, year 2010 – 18k rose gold and white gold, 1 round diamond 0.05ct. It’s sweet and elegant. 

Pearl Earrings, year 2013 – 18k white gold, pearls with pinkish overtone, 6-6.5mm. It’s a classic piece.

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Mark and Diana!

Inspired by eClarity collection of revolving bands, which symbolizes “harmonious marriage”, Mark and Diana have creatively taken the inspiration one step further by custom making the shape of their names on each other’s wedding band.

Mark: Revolving Band with 1 round brilliant diamond 0.01 carat in 18k gold, rose and black. Estimate broadness 8mm. Velvet matte. 

Diana: Revolving Band with 48 round brilliant diamonds 0.16 carat in 18k gold, rose and black. Estimate broadness 5.7mm. Velvet matte.

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Jeffrey and Janice!

Jeffrey brightens up the day with 8 pieces of 0.20 carat round brilliant diamonds, total 1.60 carat, set on his wedding band. Estimate broadness 7mm. Jeffrey has gained our admiration for setting a new definition to the art of manliness.

While the demure Janice has a lady-like diamond band with 17 round brilliant diamonds, total 0.273 carat. Estimate broadness 3mm. It’s a lovely and elegant masterpiece.

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Jeffrey and Janice, we will you all the happiness and joy!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Promising SME 500 - eClarity

Recognized as one of the top business luminaries, eClarity is awarded Promising SME award - for exhibiting valuable business elements that contributes to long term success, fostering innovation in product designs and business practices, and displaying remarkable leadership in Singapore.

The editor and photographer were at eClarity conducting interview and photoshoot with Amanda.

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

eClarity featured on Style Wedding Magazine

Style Weddings Magazine features an eClarity ring setting DRC EXT 331 and a pair of wedding band WB46.
eClarity's range of collection was proudly featured on Style Weddings Magazine Mar-Aug 2013
eClarity moved a new showroom at Shaw Centre #16-12/13. It has more than one thousand square feet, a diamond gallery, a reception concierge, and baby changing room. eClarity's new office is featured on Style Weddings Magazine. Mar-Aug 2013
Style Magazine Mar 2011 - Aug 2011. eClarity is determined to be the product design leader in the industry, with 300 wedding bands designs, 20,000 diamond database, 200 diamond ring setting designs a couples are spoilt for choice!
Style Magazine Mar 2011 - Aug 2011. It is the new declaration of true love to propose with a customized eClarity engagement ring.
Style Magazine Mar 2011 - Aug 2011. Stellar Sensation.
Style Magazine Sept 2011 - Feb 2012. Schedule an appointment to view eClarity's more than 200 extravagant ring settings designs.
Style Magazine Sept 2011 - Feb 2012. Featuring a pair of blissful wedding bands with blue and pink sapphires.
Style Magazine 2011 - 2012. A wedding guide for couples preparing for wedding.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Andy and Weilin!

Witness the romantic journey of a lovely couple, Andy and Weilin. Andy lovingly designed a set proposal ring and wedding bands incorporating the shape of the ribbon/bow of Wei Lin’s favorite character - hello kitty!

Thank you for choosing eClarity, Andy and Weilin, have a wonderful married life!

#eClaritysg #eClarityAmanda.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Bridal Jewellery Collection

Bridal jewellery is the most cherished well wishes from the family. eClarity crafts bridal jewellery in 18k white gold, rose gold, champagne gold, yellow gold, and black gold, and 916, 22k gold. 

To view the full customary bridal jewellery collection at eClarity, please schedule appointment at 98331220.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Love and Prosperity.

A line of love and prosperity. Ready for collection before Chinese New Year!

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wrap up a surprise.

Wrap up a surprise. Wrap up a gift. Wrap up a proposal ring with love.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Founded by a GIA Gemologist, who is the third generation of a renowned Jeweller. Since 2000, eClarity has been the region’s most promising online diamond jeweller that is recognised for its professional consultation and warehouse prices, with real time diamond database, customised wedding bands, and bridal diamond jewellery.

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