Monday, 12 April 2021

At times, we like to look at our diamonds without distractions

At times, we like to look at our diamonds without distractions.


Our remarkable diamond engagement rings are the result of having the highest quality check standards. Our rings last through phases in life, decades of love, making eClarity diamonds family heirlooms of Singaporeans. With over 3 generations of passion in wedding jewellery, eClarity is always around to provide maintenance and diamond spa, promising that they last for many more celebrations of anniversaries.


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eClarity – the leader in bespoke proposal and wedding rings.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Emerald Cut Diamond

We believe a diamond engagement ring should express your love and reveal your style and individuality. As the leader in bespoke proposal and wedding rings, we’re dedicated to source responsibly and artistically, ensuring our diamonds collections widen the uniqueness of engagement and anniversary rings of couples within our region.

eClarity Emerald cut Dress Ring

The shape of true love. eClarity has a wide selection of diamond shapes, making sure that every diamond eternity ring is as remarkable as the loving feeling it embodies. #emeralddiamond #eClarity #diamondring
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Emerald cut Diamond Collection

eClarity’s emerald cut diamonds are faceted and mounted by master artificers. Using respectable experience and supreme precision, they create the most beautiful #emeraldcutdiamond #engagementrings eClarity is known for – highlighting uniqueness, scintillations, and simplicity.

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Friday, 19 March 2021

GIA Certified Blue & Gray Natural Diamond Engagement Rings 2021, by eClarity

Show your true colors. Our passion to showcase the best certified coloured-diamonds and gemstones is an iconic strength of eClarity’s legacy.
A blue diamond is as unique as your personality and is a symbol of confident and peaceful bond. #eClarity #bluediamond #greydiamond #engagementring
eClarity – the leader in bespoke jewellery

This classic engagement ring features a 1.17 carat pear cut fancy blue centre diamond, set in a timeless 18k white gold engagement ring that showcases pavé-set diamonds.


GIA certified Blue Diamond:
Pear Cut
1.17 carat
Fancy Blue
Price: $847,665
Ring setting: $1,676

This trilogy engagement ring features a 1 carat round brilliant cut fancy gray centre diamond, set in exquisite 18k white gold engagement ring that showcases 6 tapered cut diamonds 0.38 carat.

GIA Certified Gray Diamond:

Round Brilliant Cut

1 carat

Fancy Gray



Price: $4,347

Ring Setting: $3,647

This timeless engagement ring features a 1.15 carat round cut black centre diamond, set in exquisite 18k white gold engagement ring with 3 claws.

GIA Certified Black Diamond:

Round Brilliant Cut

2.53 Carat

Fancy Deep Black



Price: $4,399

Ring Setting: $1,100

This halo engagement ring features a 3.965 carat oval-shaped blue sapphire centre gemstone, set in exquisite 18k white gold engagement ring that showcases saturation of royal blue.

Blue Sapphire:

Oval Cut

3.965 carat

Price: $9,856

Ring setting: $2,440

This tango engagement ring features a 2.05 carat heart brilliant cut aquamarine, set in an unparalleled 18k white gold engagement ring with 3 prongs.



Heart Brilliant Cut

2.05 carat

Price: $713

Ring setting: $1,099

This engagement ring features a 1.4 carat square step cut blue topaz, set in 18k white gold ring that accompanies the centre gemstone with 16 round brilliant cut diamonds 0.22 carat and 4 round brilliant cut 0.02 carat in an embrace design.


Blue Topaz:

Square Step Cut

1.4 Carat

Price: $650

Ring setting: $2,249

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Top 10 Designs of Tennis Bracelets

The History

Tennis tournament season is upon us. Australian Open has just finished and the women’s U.S. Open is coming soon. So it’s now the best time to search for a tennis bracelet – a beautiful and sophisticated piece of jewellery that comes with a meaningful story.

During the U.S Open match in 1987, professional tennis player, Chris Evert wore a diamond eternity bracelet in a highly competitive game, which was an exceptionally long rally. Halfway into the game, Chris Evert requested for a timeout. It was because the diamond bracelet that she was wearing has broken and fallen off her wrist.  The force of Evert's swing sent her diamond eternity bracelet soaring off her wrist. This brought the match to a standstill, so that a search can be carried out, the piece was recovered.

Answering at an interview after the match, she called the diamond eternity bracelet “Tennis Bracelet”.

Since that day, the iconic name was born.

How to Wear Tennis Bracelet Safely

This Evert’s incident brought Tennis Bracelet into the national spotlight and worldwide platform, sales of the bracelet surged.

GIA Gemologist Amanda Koo suggests a few ways so you can wear your bracelet without fear:

1. In addition to the clasp, request for an additional safety catch on the side of the bracelet for added security

2. Send in the tennis bracelet to be checked routinely by an experienced jeweller to make sure the clasp, safety catch, and mountings are still secured. eClarity diamonds provides lifetime diamond check by Jewellery Expert for every eClarity bracelet

3. Periodic cleaning keep the diamond claws free of hardened particles that might weaken the holding of diamonds.

4. Consider carefully if you should really wear the Tennis Bracelet for a tennis game, or a romantic dinner.

Tennis Bracelet Designs

There are three different types of settings to choose from: prong, channel and bezel. Each type of setting holds the diamonds securely in place on the bracelet and changes the level of light reflection and overall look and feel.

You also need to consider if you like the diamonds of the bracelets to fill up full circle, half circle, or anything in between.

Below, we will share the top 10 tennis bracelet and its variants, that will give you a grand hand at the grandstand.

1. 2 Prongs

In this setting, 2 prongs per diamond are used to hold the stone in place. It’s a popular choice as it is secure but allows as much light as possible to pass through the diamond.

2. 3 prongs

A 3 prongs tennis bracelet has three extended metal pieces at the side of each stone, creating a triangular housing.

The clasp of this bracelet deserves a special mention, it is hidden behind a special butterfly shaped cluster diamonds. 

3. 4 prongs

A 4 prongs tennis bracelet has four tiny metallic beads at the sides of each stone on the bracelet, forming a squarish housing. The 4 prongs tennis bracelet with its square shape brings timeless and extravagant continuous free-flowing diamond chain.

4. Channel Bracelet

This design features two thin rows of metal holding the diamonds in the middle, and the diamonds fit tightly together. The metal secures and protect the diamonds, but it can limit sparkle obstructing light.

5. Full Circle/ Half Circle

A full circle gives complete sparkle from angles 360 degrees, a half circle gives the same sparkle from the top with nearly half the price. 

6. Bezel

Bezel set tennis bracelet features each of the diamond surrounded completely by metal. This setting is very safe as they keep each diamond safely in place. However, this design tends to highlight the metal as much as the diamonds and minimize the diamond’s sparkle because of the reduced refraction of light.

7. Graduating Sizes or Clustered or Solitaire Diamonds

To have a more centralized attraction focus, there could be a centre piece which is bigger in size.

8. Halo

Halo tennis bracelet features centre diamonds surrounded by small diamonds in each bracelet link. This design creates an elegant look and increases sparkle.

9. Rose Gold

Changing metal colors is one way to create a different variety of tennis bracelets. You can always customize the color of tennis bracelets to rose gold, yellow gold, champagne gold or even two-tone color according to your taste. 

10. Different Shape of Diamond

Another way to change up the look of a tennis bracelet is to choose the diamond shape other than round. This shape is the most popular, and most tennis bracelets feature round diamonds. However, think of shapes like oval, emerald, princess, marquise or pear for a unique, stylish look.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

From eClarity to How Amanda Koo, an Heir to a Hundred Million Jewellery Empire, Founded her own Diamond and Labgrown Diamond Brands Single-handedly

Whether you are a groom-to-be looking for a diamond engagement ring or a soon-to-be-wed couple shopping together for your wedding bands, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little lost when it comes to ring shopping. After all, diamonds and ring settings are not daily conversation material for the average person. Thankfully, grooms-to-be and soon-to-be-wed couples can learn how about diamond ring and wedding bands shopping from experienced diamond jewellers like eClarity.

Founded singlehandedly by Amanda Koo, a GIA certified gemologist, in 2005, eClarity is an online and in-store diamond jewellery designer who specialises in the expression and celebration of love in the jewellery they craft, be it wedding jewellery such as engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewellery and traditional dowry gifts known as Si Dian Jin, anniversary or baby shower gifts.

From a young age, Amanda aspired to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from the National University of Singapore and GIA as a graduate gemologist, she started off with participating in flea markets and selling on eBay before moving on to create her own brand,, before moving on owning a diamond gallery in Orchard. Motivated by the desire to revolutionise bespoke wedding jewellery in Singapore, and to empower the expression of love, Amanda drew connections and confidence through her three generations of entrepreneurial heritage, her professional corporate experience and niche academic knowledge, and launched the first online diamond store in Singapore with a realtime diamond database in 2005.

Today, with more than 20,000 pieces of GIA certified diamonds and more than 500 designs of physical wedding bands in various alloys of platinum and gold, and unique options of finishes to choose and customise from, and more than a decade’s worth of experience in guiding lost grooms-to-be and soon-to-be-wed couples in creating their engagement rings and wedding bands, eClarity is the go-to place for to learn about diamonds, wedding rings and quality gemstones. It is this academic consultation, coupled with heartwarming service and one-of-a-kind customised jewellery, that makes eClarity an award-winning online and instore jeweler in the region.

At the start of each appointment, an eClarity-trained professional spends some time getting to know the couple, especially the personality and preferences of the bride-to-be, their budget, and their love story. “eClarity is all about the expression of love in jewellery, so it’s very important for us to get to know the groom-to-be or the soon-to-be-wed couple better in order to craft a ring of love for them,” Amanda stresses. “This is especially important if we are tasked to create an engagement ring, since most of our grooms-to-be look to us for advice on the size of the diamond and the design of the ring. In order to offer them the most accurate and meaningful suggestion, I would normally request to see a handful of the bride-to-be’s photos to get a better grasp of her preferred style.”

Grooms-to-be and soon-to-be-wed couples also get to be hands-on during their appointment. As Amanda or an eClarity representative shares their knowledge and experience in diamond selection and wedding ring shopping with her groom-to-be or soon-to-be-wed couple, they get to see, touch, appreciate and try on diamonds or other precious gemstones and wedding rings as she walks them through the basics of diamond and wedding ring shopping. “They get to learn about the 4Cs of a diamond and how to prioritise them, and the broadness and the six different finishings of a wedding band. After that, we’ll talk about ring settings and how to choose one based on their personality, style and functionality of the ring, whether it is for sophisticated events only or daily wear.”

Such personalised service is what makes eClarity a cut above the rest and contributes to their success. On top of that, what continuously makes them stand out among other customised and commercial jewelers is their innovative spirit. Unique to eClarity is the hammered antique matte finishing and the champagne gold colour, made out of an alloy of 75% gold, the highest concentration of gold in a modern ring. The hammered antique matte finishing is a one-of-a-kind finishing because it is almost fully handcrafted without over reliance on machine intervention, making each ring a unique masterpiece that is original and meaningful. “The handcrafted ring symbolises love with perfect imperfections,” Amanda shares.

“To make a perfect ring with perfect angles and finishes is not difficult with today’s advanced technology. But to make an artistic and personalised ring, that’s time-consuming and dependent on skills,” Amanda shares. “Our hammered antique matte rings are entirely handmade by our skilful craftsmen, and are constantly revised until artistic imperfection is achieved. Paired with a scintillation of diamonds, the effect of a hammered antique matte ring is truly fairytale-like.”

More than just a bespoke jeweller and Gemologist, Amanda, who has a Masters in counselling, sometimes takes on the role of a counsellor when her couples cannot agree unanimously on a single ring design and colour. “There have been occasions where couples can’t agree on one ring design after a long discussion. What we’ll do is to create a customised ring that is half of what the groom-to-be likes and half of what the bride-to-be likes,” Amanda shares. Her sincerity, earnestness and kindness, in turn, has earned her a following of loyal customers-turned-friends over the years.

Amanda conducts webinars sharing in-depth information and answering questions on different topics every week. "How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring?", “How to Customize Wedding Bands?”, "Difference between Natural vs Labgrown Diamonds?", and "Jewellery Customization – Yellow Gold & Gemstones, Bridal, Anniversary, and Gifts" are scheduled for every Tuesday at 6pm-7pm and 9pm-10pm. Jewellery enthusiasts and marrying couples from Singapore and all over the world register and ask questions directly. 

To register, visit To enquire for more details, send a message to 98331220.