Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Congratulations Chng Kiat & Huiyi! Chng Kiat & Huiyi celebrate their love with a gorgeous pair of #eClarity’s customised revolving wedding bands in rose and black gold. Wishing Chng Kiat and Huiyi a wonderful journey in their new life journey together. #eClarity #wedding #love #happiness #Congratulations #weddingring #diamond #ring #weddingbands

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

A Sweet Smile Goes a Long Way

A sweet smile goes a long way – especially when it comes with diamonds. Get a Christmas gift for someone from eClarity. #eClarity #christmasgift


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Monday, 21 December 2020

May All Our Wishes Come True

May all our wishes come true. Make the holidays a little more colorful with eClarity Christmas Collection. #eClarity #newcollection


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Friday, 18 December 2020

Engagement Ring with diamond swirl

Centuries of skilful artistry has enabled eClarity mastercraftsmen and specialists to create intricate pieces so sophisticatedly, they look absolutely graceful and natural. #eClarity #tangoengagementring


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Thursday, 17 December 2020

One Gaze, One Love, One eClarity

One gaze, one love, one eClarity. Our new Extravagant Halo Collection is classy, antique, and elegant with oval contour. Now available in 18k white, yellow, rose, champagne gold. #eClarity #ovalhaloengagementring


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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

eClarity Petite Collection, in 4 Prongs

No explanation needed. The eClarity Petite Collection, now in 4 prongs, 2mm, platinum and pink gold too, showcases eClarity’s heritage of continual refinement in craftmanship and artistry. #eClarity
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Monday, 14 December 2020

Astonishingly eClarity, Appreciate Beauty of Nature


Astonishingly eClarity, appreciate beauty of nature. Meticulously handcrafted by eClarity Artistic Specialist: Vintage Collection is a refined assortment of art deco pieces with intricated details. A garden of fine details emphasizing nature-inspired patterns, here mounted with one carat round brilliant diamond, the eClarity bespoke Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring proves the best things are always personal. #eClarity #eClarityexclusivecollection

Friday, 11 December 2020

Astonishingly eClarity, when 2 becomes 1

Astonishingly eClarity, when 2 becomes 1. An angelic take on a loving ornament, the eClarity engagement ring of the classic embrace collection is a testament to our Artistic Specialist’s commitment. Featured here, mounted with a 1.2 carat D VVS2 triple excellent diamond with premium HCA rating and distinct hearts and arrows shape draws the eyes to the beloved wearer.

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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Astonishingly eClarity, loving hearts

Astonishingly eClarity, loving hearts - Designed by eClarity Artistic Specialist: Trilogy Engagement Ring Collection, this trilogy diamond proposal ring is accompanied by brilliant two heart-shaped diamond. A delightful and lovable showcase of unequalled attention to details and craftmanship. #eClarityexclusivecollection #eClarity

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Wednesday, 9 December 2020

These Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring will Make You Feel Like You’re Travelling Overseas

The holiday season is finally here, but leisure travelling is close to impossible now. Couples and families are going for staycations to cure cabin fever. However, if you’re looking for a souvenir from your desired destinations that’s not requiring swap tests, then you should take a look at these designs that are iconic to the different dream destinations of our wedding couples, that’ll make you feel like you’re overseas.


We’ve rounded up Engagement rings and Wedding Bands designs from 6 dream destinations (including Singapore Heritage Peranakan) that can transport you to another place. From a German’s puzzle rings, to Hong Kong oriental carvings – take a look at these bespoke customised unique options for your engagement ring and wedding bands designs.

1. German Collection of Wedding Bands, by eClarity


Forward. Harmony. Hi-tech.
German design from baroque to Bauhaus is with bold, forward-looking, and intelligent. You will love these pair of wedding bands, symbolizing progressive, ambitious, and brave.
#germanweddingbands #puzzleweddingbands #eClarity

2. French and Italian Collection of Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring, by eClarity

Revolving. Classy. Stylish. 

Known for its Art Nouveau ornamental style of art characterized by its long organic lines, you will love these pairs of revolving wedding bands, symbolizing understanding, kindness, and support.

#eClarity #revolvingbands #uniqueweddingbands #frenchweddingbands #italianweddingbands

3. Japanese and Korean Collection of Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring, by eClarity

Graceful. Balanced. Minimalist.
Japan and Korean designs embody Zen philosophy, embraces patterns and light. You will love these engagement rings and wedding bands that are dainty, sweet, and simple, symbolizing femininity, submission, and elegance.
 #japaneseweddingbands #koreanweddingbands #eClarity 

4. American Collection of Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring, by eClarity

Timeless. Freedom. Fearless.  
“Americana” is a design theme that never goes out of style, always classic, timeless, simple, a tinge of vintage elements and historical touch.
You will love these pair of classic wedding bands and engagement ring, symbolizing generosity and independence.
#americanweddingbands #classicweddingbands #eClarity

5. Hongkongese Collection of Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring, by eClarity

Bold. True-to-life. Creative.
Hongkongese designs fuse Western and Eastern confidently, luxuriously, and yet realistically. It is also known for its graffiti art and calligraphy. If you are oriental and yet modern at heart, you will love these wedding bands and proposal rings that are crafted by world-class Hongkongese mastercraftsmen, the work is precise, powerful and courageous.
#hongkongeseweddingbands #eClarity

6. Singaporean Collection of Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring, by eClarity

Colourful. Amalgamated. Lavish

Ornate cravings and bold patterns are key features of the Peranakan style, which is characterized by art and design blended with visually appealing and contrasting elements of Chinese and Malay antique motifs. You will love these pair of wedding bands and engagement ring, symbolizing understanding, balance and extravagance.
#peranakanweddingbands #singaporeanweddingbands #eClarity

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