Thursday, 27 August 2020

Hiking Proposal

Hiking proposal! Enjoy great views, intimate setting, and propose with a beautiful eClarity diamond proposal ring with captivating light reflections mounted in a swirl ring design.
Congratulations to you, Adrian, may your marriage be filled with happy moments! #proposal #hikingproposal #engagementring

Monday, 24 August 2020

Top 10 Famous Gems in the World

Every single gemstone has its own distinctive features, there are some remarkable and famous gems in the world, because of the location they were found and the unique history behind them. These gemstones are therefore rare, precious, and famous. 

1. The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is exceptional for its intense blue and its weight of 45.52 carats. This diamond is believed to be cursed, despite its positive byname. It was stolen from an idol statue of Indian and it caused horrible curse that diamond’s owner had to suffer misfortunes. Today the diamond is displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum, where Harry Winston was persuaded to donate the legendary diamond to. 

      2. Koh-i-Noor Diamond

This 105 carat gemstone sits on the Maltese Cross at the front of the Queen Mother’s Crown. Its name is derived from the Persian word Koh-i-Noor that means “Mountain of Lights”. It was found in Pradesh in the 13th century and had been fallen into the hands of many rulers as new ruler took over the reigns amongst wartime. 

3. The Medusa Emerald

This emerald was discovered in 2008 from Kagem mine in Zambia. Named ‘Medusa’, the emerald has been on display to the public only once before at the Natural History Museum. It was originally surrounded by quartz. It took many American gemologists and gemcutters to remove the quartz that surrounded the emerald bit by bit, before the beautiful long and thin emerald was revealed.

4. Pearl of Lao Tzu

This pearl, intriguingly also known as the Pearl of Allah, is the largest pearl in the world and was first discovered by Filipino diver in Palawan Sea in 1934. It came from a huge Tridacna clam that once clamped down a diver’s arm and killed him. Today, the pearl is the subject of an ownership of 3 inheritors.

      5. The Andamooka Opal

Andamook opal is one of the oldest known opal in Australia, and it is known to be the finest opal ever discovered. This opal was cut and set into a diamond choker band and presented to Queen Elizabeth II.

      6. Star of India

Star of India is the world’s largest star sapphires and around 2 billion years old with 563 total carat weight. It has a milky grey blue look caused by the mineral rutile inclusions, and the inclusions orientated in directions with 6 rays.  This asterism can be seen on the top and bottom side of the gemstone. On Halloween eve in 1964, it was stolen from the museum and were found few days later from a Miami bus station locker. Nowadays, it is in the American Museum of Natural History.  

      7. The Black Prince’s Ruby

The precious stone set in front of Britain’s Imperial State Crown, was mined in what is now Tajikistan. Theoretically, it is not a ruby but a spinel, which is used to be categorized as ruby last time. The ruby is uncut, but semi polished which has been owned by British Royal Family. The stone was named after the 'Black Prince', son of Edward III of England, and is one of the oldest of gems included in the Royal Collection of Crown Jewels.

      8. Star of Africa

Known as Star of Africa or Cullinan Diamond, this diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world with 3106.75 carat. This profoundly large Cullinan diamond has its original stone cut into nine large diamonds and one hundred smaller ones.   

      9. The Dresden Green

The Dresden Green is the largest and finest green diamond known to have a color of natural origin from Germany. It has a pear-shaped with 40.70 carats weight. The GIA examined the stone in 1988 and has categorized this diamond as rare Type IIa diamond of astonishing quality, and assigned a VS1 clarity, with a potential of reaching the maximum grade IF if it is sent to finer cutting.

      10. Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck's Emerald and Diamond Tiara

      The tiara is passed down from old German noble family, and Princess Katharina received the tiara from her husband, Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck. The tiara is made from some of the rarest Colombian emeralds, in pear shape. In 1979, the family decided to sell the tiara and it was sold again from Sotheby’s auction for $12.7 million.  

Thursday, 20 August 2020

eClarity Launches a New Brand: BA.SG

Designed to cater to evolving preference of the younger generation, eClarity launches a new youthful brand, BA.SG. It immediately wins the hearts of many couples planning for weddings and anniversaries, with its extensive collection of GIA certified natural diamonds (also known as earth-grown diamonds) and, most excitingly, IGI certified lab-grown diamonds.

eClarity is recognized as the regional top-notch bespoke jeweller, well-known for its sophisticated designs and heart-warming service since 2005. BA.SG is rolled out as an online store to focus on millennials and youths with highly competitive prices and more concerns on environmental matters.

The soft launch of BA.SG was held on 4 July 2019 over a socialite event with close to 100 key entrepreneurs of Singapore. The brand has instantly caught public attention and grown rapidly beyond Singapore, to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and the region.

BA.SG is now recognised as one of the pioneers to introduce labgrown diamonds in ASEAN region. As science and technology advances, the diamonds can be created in lab environment without going through the time-consuming geological process. The diamonds are formed with the revolutionary technology that resembles the natural diamond growing process, the high-tech methods include high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Unlike other diamond simulants, the labgrown diamonds are scientifically with the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical, and physical properties of diamonds found in nature. In short, they are identical to natural diamonds, and are certified.

Like natural diamonds and other precious gems, labgrown diamonds are identified and graded by major gemological institutes such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI). The grading system is similar to the natural diamonds, with the girdle of the labgrown diamonds inscribed with the report number as well as a statement of “labgrown” to distinguish them from natural diamonds.

“The introduction of labgrown diamond is ground-breaking. It caters to the millennial couples who are concerned about environment, ethic. Labgrown diamonds are eco-friendly, more affordable, ethical, and has the same properties as their earth-grown ones, with the same precious Moh’s Scale Hardness of 10.” said Amanda Koo, founder of BA.SG.

The brand is marketed as innovative, environmentally friendly, and price competitive. The customers have the options to customize the jewellery by selecting the diamond and setting separately or purchasing the completed jewellery which was designed and tailored by the in-house designer and gemologist. With the high transparency in price, the customers are free to make comparison between diamonds as well as personalize their jewellery pieces according to their preference on the website There are even free webinars for anyone to sign up and listen first-hand, from the founder, who is also an experienced Gemologist, ask questions and hear recommendations. (To register, go to BA.SG/register-for-webinars) 

“A series of powerful marketing strategies have been arranged to increase the awareness of labgrown diamonds and BA.SG” said Amanda. “We are expecting, and our infrastructure is ready to attend to a raising demand in labgrown diamonds, especially now in this exceptional time in 2020, and this trend will continue to strengthen in 2021 and onwards.”  

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Freshly Baked – Diamond Bridal Jewellery Set with Earrings, Pendant and Bracelet

We craft with hands at times. eClarity diamond jewellery are created and mounted elegantly by our designers and mastercraftmen. With their superior set of skills, they design the most gorgeous diamond bridal jewellery set – maximizing brilliance and precision to match the requirement of the brides. #eClarity #diamond #bridaljewellery #pendant #earrings #bracelet


Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Freshly Baked - Diamond Engagement Ring with Gemstones of your Choice, Amethyst and Citrine


Show your true colors, sophisticatedly and in style. Our proficiency in gemstones and customisation is at the heart of our legacy. A diamond proposal ring with gemstones of your choice, amethyst and citrine here, is as exclusive as your togetherness and is a symbol for modern love with expression of your elegance.

Monday, 17 August 2020

Texturized Wedding Bands with Different Designs

Perfect match in person. When a wedding ring design finally blow you away, just like the person beside you, it hits all the right notes, including the imperfections. Customised to your favourite texturized finishing. #eClarity #weddingbands #bespoke #doweddingbandsneedtomatch


To know all about customization of wedding bands, click here:


Friday, 14 August 2020

eClarity’s Bespoke Bridal Diamond Jewellery


We listen to love stories every day. From committing to a relationship, proposal, baby showers, to anniversaries, eClarity diamonds have been part of many Singaporeans’ love stories since 2005. Nothing outshines eClarity bridal diamond jewellery when celebrating a loving union. #eClarity #diamond #earrings #pendant


Thursday, 13 August 2020

eClarity’s custom-made Diamond Proposal Ring

We’re proud of our journeys. With over 16 years and 3 generations of jewellery heritage behind us, a proposal ring from eClarity – is truly profound. Our worldwide exclusive promise, commit our passion to customise the essence of love and your love journey into the design of the engagement ring. This featured ring, emphasizes the peranakan heritage of the couple, highlights the beautiful artistic value and refined elaborate details. #eClarity #diamondring #proposal


Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Sophistication is effortless with a pair of diamond pearl earrings. Start with choosing between Akoya, Fresh water, Tahitian or South sea pearls, then add some classy diamond cluster design.


When in doubt, meet up with our gemologist to view the wide selection at eClarity’s pop-up office gallery, or register for a pearl webinar on 25 August, click


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tailor-made Wedding Bands


Every step in your wedding preparation is an opportunity to create a memory. Show your grandkids how loving you were/are with a pair of bespoke wedding bands. Step out of the mass norm – the most memorable things in life are always a bit surprising. #eClarity #weddingbands #bespoke

Friday, 7 August 2020

Customized Braided Ring Design for Engagement Ring

A twist from the classic tango collection, a handmade braided detail is featured on eClarity’s latest diamond engagement ring design. Every eClarity masterpiece has a unique love story. #eClarity #bespoke #diamondring


Bespoke Halo Drop Diamond Earrings

Celebrate femininity and togetherness, with a dangling diamond earrings, surrounded with rhombus halo of more diamonds, mounted in 18k white gold.


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

eClarity Wedding Bands

“Thank you eClarity…We love our wedding bands. We’ll be sure to recommend. Keep up the excellent service!” – Nicholas


Thank you Nicholas for celebrating love with #eClarity. May love, harmony and understanding be with your marriage union. Most heartfelt congratulations from all of us on your lovely wedding.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Dear eClarity, thank you for the patience and hospitality.” – Claire and Jason


Thank you Claire & Jason for celebrating love with #eClarity. The two of you start this new beautiful journey in your life as one, let it be most lovely, loving, wonderful, unbelievable and unforgettable!


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Dear eClarity, thank you for the wonderful ring & last min request.” – Leon & Yin 😊


Thank you Leon & Yin for celebrating love with #eClarity.  Wishing the two of you a blissful future together filled with delight and happy moments.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

eClarity Customized Wedding Bands

“Thank you for the team’s patience & knowledge in helping us to pick the ideal rings. Service is impeccable and the customisation process just make for such a unique experience!” - ♡ Shan & Jason


Thank you Shan & Jason for celebrating love with #eClarity. Always walk along together hand in hand, always cherish your love. Wishing you a blissful and beautiful married life.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Thanks for the wonderful service provided thus for” – Yi Jun & Gerald


Thank you Yi Jun & Gerald for celebrating love with #eClarity. Wishing you all the good things that this blessed togetherness brings into your blissful future. May your marriage be filled with delight and happy moments.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Thank you eClarity for the great hospitality and service each time my fiancé and I drop by. Look forward to getting more jewellery pieces from here.” – Cheers, Esther


Thank you Esther for celebrating love with #eClarity. Congratulations on your very special day. Wishing the two of you endless love and loads of joyful moments.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Dear eClarity team, thank you so much for the close attention and help in helping us prepare for our big day. All the best!” – Aidan & Jasmine


Thank you Aidan & Jasmine for celebrating love with #eClarity. The most heartfelt wishes on this special day, may the two of you always stay happy, healthy and blissful together.


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Monday, 3 August 2020

eClarity Bespoke Wedding Bands

“Dear Amanda & team! We both love the rings. Thank you all so much! ♡ All the best. Will intro more people over! 😊 Love, Yanling & Jason


Thank you Yanling & Jason for celebrating love with #eClarity. May your love story be as magical and charming as in fairy tales. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Thank you for all the help & patience in making this a fuss free process! All the best!” - ♡ Kengyeow & Pearl 😊


Thank you Kengyeow & Pearl for celebrating love with #eClarity. It is a great blessing to find your true love, and to share one dream together with one another. Wishing the 2 of you joyful wedding and blissful marriage, our warmest congratulations on your gorgeous wedding.


#eClarity #wedding #diamonds #jewellery #weddingbands #rings #love #text6598331220

“Thank you for all the guidance and support!” – Edmund & Elaine


Thank you Edmund & Elaine for celebrating love with #eClarity. The warmest wishes on this special day for the two of you, all of us here wishing you everlasting love and true happiness, reaching every corner of your hearts.


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